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Established in Vinh Long for a long time, is a unit specializing in manufacturing men's belts with meager prices, flexible designs, diverse models to provide the national market in general and the Delta region. Mekong River in particular.
First of all, Bich Thuy would like to send greetings: "Wishing health and success to all customers".

We would like to thank our customers for always trusting and supporting the products that Vinh Long Flange has manufactured and distributed to consumers.

Established in Vinh Long for a long time, is a unit specializing in manufacturing men's belts with very cheap prices, flexible designs, diverse models to provide the national market in general and the Delta region. Mekong River in particular.

1. / Belt - Belts 2. / Backpack 3. / Squeeze - Purses 4. / Blank Travel Bags 5. / Purses 6. / Women's Cart Box

In addition to the main product is tight. We also aim to other low-priced products, popular items for both men and women, some items suitable for students - students, those People are in need of travel backpacks, and above all these are products with extremely pleasant prices and this is also our motto of operation.

For customers who are new to the business of fashion items, finding a product with cheap price and good quality is not easy. To choose a reputable production site, customers need to order very large quantities to receive the minimum price. Understanding this, we always create the best conditions for customers to have prices suitable to their current business capabilities.

With many years of experience in providing quality products for the low-end segment, thuybichvl is trusted by customers as one of the reputable addresses when choosing cheap products suitable for opening wholesale stores. , Retail Shop, Shop Owner at night market, or in need of wholesale price.

The objective of the operation is to bring many good products at extremely competitive prices, the staff is constantly improving the quality of workmanship, changing the way of production, as well as choosing designs suitable to the market trend. .

About the object: We receive production and processing of all types of belts for all customers.

About the belt designs: customers can choose from many different designs, various fashion designs available or can freely change later to suit the needs.

Regarding belt material: currently thuybich.com has all kinds of materials about Smili, PU Leather, and some other types of leather, you can easily choose to create a suitable belt for you. men and women.

About the design: In addition to the patterns or patterns available from the selected material, If it feels monotonous, we also have services of Inverted Printing, Decan printing, engraving on demand to create a unique product. more original, more novel.

Customers can order in large quantities to receive many attractive incentives from the Facility. In the case of a distant customer, do not worry we have a fleet of freight vehicles with the latest time of 3 days depending on the location of the order.

The criterion of THUYBICH.COM is to simplify your shopping while achieving efficiency and highest satisfaction. Therefore, the interface of the website is also designed to be convenient and easy to use, improving the maximum speed to allow faster access for a better experience.

Application for Android devices: thuybich.com/thuybich.apk

Application for IOS devices:

Application for Windows devices:

We are currently developing plans to build Native applications for Android / IOS / Windows devices and will be ready to launch as soon as possible.

Once you've got the product you want, you can choose from a variety of payment methods. Payment can be made simply by invoice, bank transfer or via debit and credit card. After successful order, you will be notified of the status of the order.

Each customer will receive a tracking number so that he can regularly check his order until delivery.

However, this function is currently locked to improve after many feedbacks during delivery, so all payment methods, liquidity will be implemented directly at the production facility. We're sorry for the problem, the Technical team is still trying to complete as quickly as possible to bring this functionality back to the customer.

We have a fleet of specialized vehicles to transport goods to all provinces and cities in the Western region, offering goods to the countryside. And if you are a night market shop owner, department store shop owner, or stores that need wholesale products to run the market, this is one of the strengths that Thuybich.com customers often give positive feedback.

Sales is not only about selling products, but also giving away trust and devotion in the service process. Understanding the psychology of consumers, the staff of thuybich.com is constantly improving skills and attitudes when serving with customers. Attitude is the prerequisite that we shape the way we respond to customer care.

You can use the Hotline or Chat directly via Zalo, Facebook Messenger to get answers to questions.
+ Shopping guide: 0798 266 547 (Bich Hong)

+ Product selection guide: 0798 266 547 (Bich Hong)

+ Guide technical issues: 094.3125.071 (Ngoc Thang)

With many years of providing wholesale products, customers will easily find products with the best prices, diverse models.

In addition, we also offer a lot of options to change the design according to the needs or tastes of customers.

Please contact us here, Thuy Bich Vinh Long would like to thank our Customers.

Thuy Bich Vinh Long establishment is committed to timely delivery, quality and price as agreed.

Business address: 144 / 24c Street 14/9 Ward 5, Vĩnh Long City, Vĩnh Long Province.

Website: https: //thuybich.com, Total products posted 170 samples of backpacks, travel drums, men's and women's wallets ....

Mobile: 0121.8266547, 070.3.820384

Email: thangvl81@gmail.com

Order processing apparel, take wholesale discount high contact: 0121.8266.547

Quote and send samples via Zalo: 0121.8266.547